Bring out the you in the artist

“There’s a hidden artist in all of us” is a common cliché of encouragement. But what if the artist is not at all hidden? We don’t have to dig deep or go on a surreal journey of self-exploration in order to discover this incognito creativity waiting to be unlocked and expressed. There is art in everything we do on a daily basis. There is artistry in the thoughts, decisions, actions and responses to life with which we decorate the tapestry of humanity.

Art is both an expression and an impression. It is how we choose to explain and understand the world around us. The creation and adoration of art is subjective and only becomes renowned and collectively appreciated through communication and conviction. Rules of aesthetics such as symmetry, harmony and expectancy are often revisited and redefined by originality – moments of intended or accidental brilliance that deviate from the established. Moments that remind us that we are not listless in a stagnant pond but alive in a rippling, crashing, swelling Universe.

Art occurs every time we introduce ourselves. Art is expressed whenever we sincerely talk about our dreams and aspirations. It is therefore not the artist that is hidden and needs to be discovered, it is our innermost sentiments waiting for an honest voice to reveal them to a wanting world. A world looking for a new sound, vision and touch.


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